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...the shows, sculptures, photographs, songs, poems, films, albums, collages and fashion creations. Nuno Roque is many things: an actor, a singer, a composer, a plastic artist, a director, a writer, a designer, a mime... his work resists summation by any traditional artistic format. Hailed simultaneously as a provocateur and a prankster, Roque's source materials range widely, from popular culture, history, organized religion, gender, mythology and music to an existentialist meditation on the self that is at once humorous and profound.


Discover more about Nuno Roque's sculpture works. Nuno brings a humorous approach to traditional techniques. Through plastic representation, he uses image, body, and movement as the bearer of dynamics and drama.


Nuno Roque's work is in the constant search of the mixture of different arts, often combined in the same project. The following are the films written, directed and produced by Nuno Roque. Two new projects are currently in production. Discover more.


From exceptional theatre productions to opera of the most demanding repertoire, Nuno Roque has performed as an actor, singer, mime, and dancer in some of the world’s leading cultural institutions. Learn about Nuno Roque's collaborations.


Blurring the line between reality and fiction is central to Nuno Roque's work. Fascinated by the great symbols of the collective history, he uses them as an alphabet to communicate. Discover more about Nuno Roque's collage artworks.


Nuno Roque's art photography works usually represent theatrical moments, suspended in time, frozen in action. Discover more of his stunning performative self-portraits.


'For me, every week is a fashion week' - Nuno Roque designs most of the clothes and accessories for his artworks and shows. Handcrafted in Paris, these creations are often constructed by Roque himself using high-quality fabrics and materials, tailored specifically to his body stance.


From his early life, Nuno Roque's work has been associated with music. He's currently working on a new solo electronic/pop project. Discover more about the latest tracks and past releases.

'Realism iscriminal'


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Based out of Paris, France, La Mafia Dell'Arte is a production company founded by Nuno Roque, involved in the production of his multidisciplinary artworks and projects. These works include music, film, photography, sculpture, painting, collage, fashion and stage shows. Video operators, musical arrangers, painters, hairdressers, engineers and historians are called to provide assistance to Nuno Roque's production process.

'I'm like a circusstanding on two legs'


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'I love the idea ofreincarnation, sojust in case it doesn't exist,I decided to bedifferent peoplein the same lifetime.'


'I love the idea ofreincarnation, sojust in case it doesn'texist, I decided to bedifferent peoplein the same lifetime.'



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