'Actor, singer, mime, contemporary artist ... Nuno Roque is the multidisciplinary artist par excellence. His very high protein works, mix pop music, humor and visual arts (...) Indefinable.'

'It’s like watching a cartoon invading the real world. Nuno Roque is about to bring Pop to another level!'

'Nuno Roque is a vaudevillian acid trip of an artist whose work spans the entire spectrum of mediums (acting, singing, sculpting, miming, painting…you name it!) With his use of gender non-conformity, pop cultural imagery and theatrics, you can’t help but super glue your eyes to him and enjoy!'

'Strong personality, very funny and super talented'

'Nuno Roque is an artist, actor, singer, mime, screenwriter, author and composer. He has a total approach to art (...) contrary to our times, where most turn to specialisation.'

'A wonderful, marvellous actor... He's the highlight of the evening!'


'If Chaplin and Madonna were Portuguese and had a child, this would be him...Reality and fiction haven't been blurred like this for a while'

'Very funny. Astonishing'

'A pure delight. This great performer, full of extravagance and so delightfully british, he moves like Valentin-The-Boneless, lost in a cartoon...'

'Quirky, daring, fascinating...An artist like no other!'

'Extraordinary! Completely mad'

'Incredible Nuno Roque! His body dances the most insane movements. A revelation!' 

'Magnificent and hysterical'

'Amazing! A great discovery, body and spirit'

'Bold and colourful'

'An extraordinary actor-mime'

'A wonderful mime, contortionist, bringing his character back to pantomime and commedia dell'arte'


'He mocks, he's provocative, he recalls the founding creatures of theatre. An elvish character, a genuine mime. Pure comedy.'

'An outstanding dancer'

'Nuno Roque is remarkable. He gives us an insight into the range of his talents. And the mime that lies asleep in him, is very present in his performance.'

'So unique and funny'

'Stan Laurel: drag-queen version'

'A figure from hell - quite cynical - who recalls Daniel Emilfork's monstrous expressive prowess in Fellini's Casanova.'

'A genius!'

'Nuno Roque expresses his talent with a range of situations and emotional states. A Dionysian grotesque playing with death'

'Nuno Roque takes the stage with outrageous characters. He will surprise on the international scene!'

'The surprising Nuno Roque is hilarious, bringing his acting to the extreme'


'Nuno Roque is excellent in his acting, marked by a British and hilarious singularity'


'Splendid, bizarre, surprising'


'A singing prodigy'

'Excellent dancer!'