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Essay by Nuno Roque - Comics Overdose - contemporary art - photography - mustache - pop - press - schnappschuss magazine germany

Schnappschuss Magazine : Nuno Roque Pens Essay on Pop, Photography, Transgression & Autodidacticism

Schnappschuss Magazine‘s recently released POP issue features an essay written by Nuno Roque. Published twice a year, Schnappschuss (Snapshot) is a German magazine about photography in contemporary art that aims to inspire its readers to be creative and find new forms of expression in photography.

For the first time, Nuno Roque shares details on his work process and writes about creating his up-coming performative self-portraits and visual artworks. The piece is titled ‘Comics Overdose von Nuno Roque‘.

The magazine is free and is now available in museums in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. You can also read it online (in German), or check out excerpts from the essay below.

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On pop:
I have a transgressive spirit, and Pop is transgression’s best friend. I always work with symbolic or iconic objects, so everyone can understand me. Pop is about speaking everybody’s language. The imagery and iconography we instantly recognize. When you can rely on things that the public already knows, you’re dealing with Pop. I use pop elements and treat them as a collage. In a way, everything I do is a collage.

On photography :
We overdose with images, but there’s still a lot to be invented and the possibilities are infinite. I treat every photograph I create like a painting, every color is carefully chosen. I’m making a live painting and every artist knows there are dozens of yellows, and they must come up with the perfect mixture until they get what fits their vision the most. I started photographing myself against white backgrounds because I don’t want the viewer to be distracted by sets or other secondary things.
I don’t like realism and I believe a photograph is magical because it perpetuates a moment in time, and in my case, a moment that has been completely fabricated.

On all his works being connected :
An artwork might look like a stand-alone in the beginning, but all my works are small pieces of a bigger painting. It’s an ongoing story. Basically, I’m inviting the public to fall down my rabbit hole. And after a while, they realize there is always a new connection they haven’t made before. It’s an entire narrative universe, a full body of work.

On being a polymath :
The greatest thing about our epoch is that you don’t need permission to express yourself the way you wish. Sometimes people tell themselves they can’t do it because they’re missing this or that, but historically, specialization is a recent convention. Most of us are born natural polymaths. I spent most of my life trying to specialize myself. I went to theatre school, film school, music school, mime school, art school … Finally, I was able to gather enough knowledge to build the confidence to create my own work, that goes utterly against the sense of specialization.

On color :
I love to work with saturated colors. We all get an unconscious response to color. A certain color can make us feel a certain way. I love studying color and try out the different emotional effects they have on the viewer.

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