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Nuno Roque - Making of Les Bonnes Intentions (Gilles Legrand, Agnès Jaoui) Pascal Chantier, Epithete Films, France 3 Cinema, 20th Century Fox) Thiago - Best Intentions

Nuno Roque joins the cast of ‘Les Bonnes Intentions’

Nuno Roque has joined the cast of upcoming French comedy-drama Les Bonnes Intentions (Best Intentions). Produced by Epithète Films and directed by Bafta-winning director/producer Gilles Legrand, the movie will be distributed by 20th Century Fox.

The film follows a humanitarian literacy teacher (played by Oscar-nominee Agnès Jaoui) willing to do anything to help foreigners and refugees. Roque appears as Thiago, an autistic 20-year-old who enters her literacy classes, and whom she will convince to learn the traffic code.

Filming began in February and took place in Paris, France.

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Speaking to Noticias Ao Minuto about his character, Roque said: “My transformation for this character was radical. Thiago is a silent young man who always ends up doing everything the other way around. He lives in another dimension and has many difficulties adapting to reality, or perhaps it’s the others who have difficulty adapting to him. He is also an autistic person who has never been diagnosed. He’s 20 years old, has never attended school, and is treated by everyone as if he were ignorant, as unfortunately many autistic children are still treated today. “

A behind-the-scenes image from the set, which is viewable above, has also been released, giving an early glimpse of Roque in his role.

Les Bonnes Intentions is scheduled to be released in the fall.

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